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Seekircher Steel Window has the largest collection of vintage casement windows in the world.


We are putting an addition on our home and want to match the steel casement windows that are original to our home.  Do you sell vintage steel windows? 

Yes. We have an extensive collection of steel windows and doors, ranging greatly in size and style, from a variety of manufacturers, including Hope’s, Crittall, Fenestra, and more. We can usually ship in 2 to 4 weeks. See our Vintage Windows section for more information.

My home’s original steel casement windows were replaced and I am unhappy with the “replacement” windows. What can I do? 

The reason they are called “replacement” windows is that you will inevitably have to keep replacing them.  We have a large inventory of vintage steel windows that have been used to replace “replacement” windows in homes across the United States.  The vintage steel windows will complement your home’s architecture much the way the original windows once did.

How can I make my historic windows more energy efficient?

To increase the efficiency of your historic steel windows, it is necessary to repair the windows so they open, close and lock properly. This will drastically cut down on air infiltration and drafts.  We also recommend using an interior storm panel, which will make your single paned windows as energy-efficient as insulating glass and allow you to preserve your home’s architecture. 

How will single-glazed steel windows affect my home’s heat loss? Shouldn’t I have insulating glass? 

The vast majority of heat is lost through un-insulated walls and your home’s roof, with only about 10% -15% escaping through your windows. Insulating glass units inevitably fail, and in over thirty years, we have never used them. Each year, we glaze thousands of panes of 1/4” laminated glass, which offers great security, UV protection, and noise reduction.  

My old steel windows are drafty and don’t close properly, are they repairable? 

Yes. We repair thousands of steel windows each year, all around the country. By servicing the window sash on site, we reduce stress on all moving parts, allowing the window to open and close properly, thereby reducing air infiltration and moisture intrusion. 

Some of my windows were cut apart for air conditioners; do I need to replace them?

No. Missing steel can be matched, cut to fit and welded in place. We use vintage steel from our inventory and are able to match most window manufacturers from the early 1900’s.

My windows are poorly painted and the glazing is cracked and missing. We would like to have them restored, what are our options? 

Many of our customers choose to have their windows fully restored in place or at our facility in Peekskill, NY. Once we repair the windows to operate and close properly, they can be stripped to bare metal, primed, putty-glazed, and finish-coated inside and out to look and work as good as new. See our services section for more information.

I am thinking about buying new, energy efficient windows for my home, because I’ve heard this is better for the environment and will save me money in the long run. Is that true?

Choosing to repair or restore your historic windows not only maintains original materials, which is one of the “greenest” choices you can make for your home, but often costs a fraction of new windows. When making your decision, consider the principal of embodied energy- the energy required to extract raw materials, transport them, make them into a new product, ship the product and install it. Existing windows have all of this energy embodied in them. Tearing out historic windows not only wastes embodied energy, it requires additional energy to remove and dispose them. In addition, the life cycle of “replacement” windows will not come close to that of your original windows. The graphic below was originally published in Old House Journal and gives you an idea of the real cost of replacing your windows:


How will replacing my steel windows affect my home’s architecture? 

According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, “the character of older and historic homes is often defined by their windows… windows give scale to a house and provide depth. The proportion, divisions and materials of a window are essential elements of design.” Steel casement windows were chosen to complement your home’s particular architectural style, whether English Tudor, Arts & Crafts or Art Deco. Not only is the quality of “replacement” windows far inferior to your historic steel windows, installing them will greatly detract from your home’s architecture.

We do not live in New York. Do you travel? 

Since 1977, we have worked in over 35 states in every region of the country, from Washington to California, Illinois to Texas, and Florida to Massachusetts, reflecting not only our willingness to travel but also how cost effective it is for our customers. 

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