Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater:
Mill Run, Pennsylvania

Between 1999 and 2001, on three separate trips totaling seven weeks, we restored all of the windows and doors at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.  All units were first repaired to ensure they opened and closed properly, and numerous sections of deteriorated steel were removed, allowing new pieces to be welded in on site. While preserving the glass, the units were stripped to bare steel, before being primed and given two finish-coats, inside and out, of Wright’s classic “Cherokee Red.” In recent years, we have been performing select mechanical, glass and painting maintenance where needed in both the main house and the guest house.

The Vista House at Crown Point
Corbett, Oregon

We were contacted by the State of Oregon Historic Preservation Office to assess the historic 1916 windows on the second floor balcony of the Vista House. Since the first floor replacement windows were failing, they wanted to keep as much of the historic material as possible. We repaired and restored all existing windows in place over a period of three weeks for less than one-third the replacement cost, proving once again that restoration is more cost effective than replacement. When it was decided to remove the replacement windows on the first level, we were hired to fabricate units in place to match the missing original windows.