Brooklyn Navy Yard
Brooklyn, New York 

In 2005, Walter Sedovic Architects and new tenant, IceStone, approached us to repair and restore the steel windows in one of the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s historic buildings. According to Jill Gotthelf, partner at Walter Sedovic Architects, high cost is a common misconception about restoration. "We showed IceStone and the Brooklyn Navy Yard the cost for new steel windows and the cost for restoring their windows, which was much lower than new steel windows," she says. "Interestingly, restoring the steel windows was comparable in cost to installing a far lower-quality replacement window – not steel – which not only would have dramatically changed the look of the building, but also the amount of visible light and ventilation, due to a much larger frame and a much smaller operable window area (from Traditional Building Magazine)." All work- including replacing deteriorated steel, rebuilding several window sash, stripping all sash and frame to bare metal, glazing, and painting- was completed on site. 

Columbia University Medical Center,
Faculty Club, New York, New York

Columbia University Medical Center in Upper Manhattan is striking in large part to the unique steel windows that grace its façade.  The windows had been sealed shut and neglected for decades, and in the fall of 2010 they underwent a complete refurbishment, both at our shop and on site.  All units were stripped down to bare steel so the mechanics could be worked on and deteriorated steel could be replaced.  After being primed with Tnemec industrial grade primer, they were reinstalled in the building where they were field glazed with ¼” laminated glass and finish-coated.

Cosmopolitan Club
New York, New York

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the Cosmopolitan Club is a private women’s club in a historic ten-story building.  In the rooftop sunroom as well as a first floor corridor, we completely refurbished a series of arch-top windows and French doors. This included stripping the windows to bare metal, cutting out deteriorated steel, welding in matching steel, glazing new panes of glass, priming and finish-coating the windows, and refinishing the tarnished hardware.